We Have Hundreds of vintage/older as well as newer Pantyhose, all NEW and UN-USED, all still in original packages.

Brands included: Victoria's Secret, Yves Saint Laurent, Filodoro, Ralph Lauren, Gilda Marx, Sigvaris, Bloch, Kunert, Hudson, Viola, Vanity Fair, Cameo, Jokey, WonderBra, Silks, Shatobu, Donna Karan, Spanx, Jessica, Hanes, Givenchy, Thyme, Calvin Klein, Secret and many more.

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  HUE So Silky Pantyhose So Silky 12 denier, Control Top New in original package. &..
Size: C

  Jessica 40 Denier Pantyhose Reinforced Panty and Toe. New in original package. &n..
Size: C

  Jessica Shapers Pantyhose Reinforced Toe. New in original package.  Size: C &..
Size: D

  Jessica Silky Pantyhose Reinforced Panty. New in original package.  Size: D,..
Size: A

  JOCKEY - Control Top Pantyhose - Size A New in original package.  Size: A,  ..
Size: 2/M

  Jose Eisenberg Pantyhose Stay Up, 8 Den Patented. New in original package. &nbs..
Size: C

  Laura Pantyhose Reinforced Panty New in original package.  Size: C &..
Size: Small

  Marks and Spencer - Stay ups - Ultra Smooth New in original package,  S..
Size: 160 - 200 LB

  Moulin Rouge Queen Size Vintage Pantyhose   One Size   New in origin..
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